Maacher Jhol

Bengali & Maacher Jhol is inseparable. After appetizing & exciting the taste buds in the City of Joy & other parts of the country, #MaacherJhol will be served in Hyderabad from 15th September, 2016 at PVR Cinemas, Sujana Forum Mall Hyderabad (Get Direction).

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12 thoughts on “Maacher Jhol

  1. Shibashis sengupta says:

    Variety is the spice of life and Macher jhol typifies that for all bengali foodies like me. Whether you fry or bake , make it raw or well done you can possibly have so many varieties of preparation that might actually be more than the miles from earth to the moon. Hope to catch yhe movie soon.

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  2. Dibbendu Nath says:

    Amake parle dwattok nio…palabo tomar hat dhore….and je tore pagol bole tare tui bolisne kichu….macher jhol to amadr rokte,onekdn por bari fire macher jhol tai omrito lage…so looking forward to see macher jhol in Hyderabad…

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  3. Mohammed Javeed says:

    My favorite Bengali dish is Machher Jhol. It is very spicy and tastes good with rice. Sometimes I eat with chapati. The aroma of grounded spices is unmatchable. I love the thickness of stew. Moreover it is a healthy dish I can rely on. It is the BENGALI DELIGHT.

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  4. Debanjan Aich says:

    Machher jhol is not only a food for the Bongs. It is an emotion for us..The Bengalis. There is something special in this name which I can’t explain.. Three cheers for machher jhol, hip hop hurray ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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