Why buy, when you can rent?

Moved into a new house…. Moving into a new city? Worried about how you would take all your furnitures & appliances along with you?

This is a very common worry for working professionals who keep moving in different cities for work. A research has found that young workforce between age of 25 – 35 years keep shifting their base every 2 years. Once we move to a new city, we look for an affordable semi/fully furnished accommodations. However, in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, the word ‘affordable’ is very perspective based. So, I suggest to get an unfurnished accommodation for rent in a steal deal and furnish it according to your need.

You might question me that it buying new furnitures & appliances would again jack up the prices and so would getting them shifted from other cities. My article today is about curbing out such problems. Luckily, my shifting to a new place last February, helped me get more insights which I thought to share with you.

Start going Rental… Sounds little overwhelming? Well the concept of rental might be old, however many startups have come up with innovations to it making it easier and affordable. I will try to dissect few them and would love to hear from you, if you have had any experiences in the comment section below.


Currently their service is present in 8 cities of India and slowly expanding. They are renting out furnitures, appliances & bikes. They have various combo subscription packages too based on your requirement (Living Room, All in One, Kitchen, Bedroom, etc.). The best part is their free relocation within city incase you are moving.

The subscription model is in the multiple of 3 months upto maximum of 24 months. For each subscription model they have given you an analysis of Buy vs Rent cost benefits.

Cost Analysis - Rentomojo

Here is a special offer for all my readers. Get started on Rentomojo.com with Rs. 750 in your account by signing up on this special link – https://www.rentomojo.com:443/r/UP60LQ


Currently present in 4 cities (Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida), they have a huge database of items which can be rented on their portal. Apart from home appliances, they also have electrical equipments and Digital Camera which can be rented out. All items have a pre-defined minimum period or tenure of rent (the period may vary depending upon the nature of the item). The maximum period for their subscription is 12 months.


The offers are valid till 15th November, 2017. So hurry up and head to the website and start renting. https://www.rentickle.com/offers-and-discount


This is a very common name for household furnitures and source of interior decoration. Recently, they have moved into furniture rentals too kickstarting it in 8 cities of India. They have some exclusive collection of furnitures which can be rented out for a period of 6, 9 & 12 months. They USP of their subscription is Zero Deposit which can definitely encourage customers trying for the first time.


Pepperfry have recently launched Studio Pepperfry for their customers to experience their products in real life. So if you are planning to make yourself at Home, with minimum investment, start your subscription with Peppery Rentals –  https://www.pepperfry.com/furniture-rental.html


They are currently present in just 2 technology cities (Hyderabad & Bangalore) and offering huge collection of rental products. Ranging from furnitures to home appliances to bikes to fitness equipments to Laptops, they probably have everything on rent a common man would need.

They have subscription offerings for as low as just a month extending upto 2 years for almost everything. Best part is hourly rentals for gadgets which are usually needed for single events or party rentals.


Renting is the new cool! Here is a discount from GrabOnRent that gives you Rs.1000 on your first order. Click here https://ax9t7.app.goo.gl/c8uj & use my referral code RAHU0C40C4 during checkout.


Started in 2011 with the mission to ensure that everyone had access to awesome furniture without the hassles that come from owning it. Currently expanded to 6 major cities of India. By default they have a subscription term of 3 months only. If you are planning for long term rentals, you would need to get custom quotes by connecting with them. They allow you to build your own package and design your furnishing based on your preference.


Interesting to see that recently they have started a section for Kids, offering furnitures targeted to that segment. Interesting to observe, you can also avail one free cleanup a year during the course of your subscription.

Head to their portal to rent some of their exclusive offerings:  https://www.furlenco.com/packages


As interesting they may sound, they also have the largest collection of products on rent across 5 major cities. They are renting out even Office spaces and office furnitures. They have corporate tie ups. The subscription period starts on monthly basis and post that you can choose the number of days you can extend upto. Like all other services, their rentals also get cheaper with longer terms.


Have you ever imagines a Robot working for you? Well #SabRentKaro is making that possible too. You can rent a Robot for your household work and service at parties. Start clicking, rent it now.

There are other service providers like Fabrento, RENTonClickCityfurnish & many more to meet your home furnishing needs. All the products listed on these portals are either new or in mint condition. Most of them are committed to replacements in case the products delivered comes out defective.

If you have tried any of the above service or anything apart from them, please share your experience and encourage others to take a decision.

Personally I am currently subscribed to products from Rentomojo & Rentickle and not only it is easy on my pocket, I also have to freedom to get something new at the end of the term closure.

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    Nice informative article. I liked reading it. I’ve not any experience though but would like to call out that you would help many people with this post. Thanks for sharing the insight.

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