Love stories don’t have ending

Valentine’s Day is all about love, expressions & sharing the joy. A moment of togetherness can never be defined by a day, it’s eternity. The bonding of love is as precious as the beating heart. The limits are boundless. Such love stories exist…

Keeping in mind this beautiful day, I rolled out a contest on my Facebook & Instagram and off all the entries I received the below was very short, sweet & interesting.

He loves food. She loves books.
He loves rain. she loves umbrellas.
He loves silent contemplation. She loves boisterous illustration.

Two people, poles apart, fall in love in 2009. College lab partners decide to take relationship beyond monotonous Java coding. An earnest proposal during September college fest finally receives agreement in Christmas holiday break. Thus, starts a rosy romance filled with sharing dreams over hot cup of tea (or ice-creams, when they could afford from pocket money). With graduation date in sight, their once casual relationship evolves to “will you be mine forever” phase.


He hails from conservative Bihari Brahmin family, and she was from a Bengali family. She graduated with Campus placement and tears in eyes with desire in heart to be his forever. He travels to Hyderabad with sheer determination to turn tables around to win her hand. A year full of uncertainties and struggles, living apart from each other, surviving on Nimbuzz and free SMS packs. Universe conspires with two stubborn hearts and brought them together in Hyderabad in 2013. The dum-biryani capital state nurtures the two eager hearts. They discover each other in new light as they build their careers. Love matures, determination emboldens them for next juncture.


2 States Wedding

Families were not convinced of their blooming hearts enough to overcome the cultural barrier. As if that was not enough, God throws them apart again. He travels to Dubai and she travels to UK. They beat the daunting task of time zone and distance for a year till God blesses them with nuptial fulfillment. Both the families give in to their relentless efforts to be together. They happily bless and solemnize their marriage on December 9, 2017.


A marriage of two states, trailed by temptation, time and distance.

That’s our love story. Ankita and Parnik, in love since 2009.

Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day

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