1st Annual Malaka Fratelli Wine Fest

We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.
-Eduardo Galeano


Food is good. Wine is better. Food and wine are best. But which food and wine go best together?

General Wine Pairing Tips

Match food and wine based on texture. The old “red with meat, white with fish” generally works well… but matching a full bodied Chardonnay with a ribeye steak topped with béarnaise sauce is to die for.

Match acid with acid. High acidic foods (e.g. citrus, tomatoes) need high acid wines. Chardonnay is great for this.

Pair sweet foods with fruity wines. A dry wine (e.g. Cabernet Sauvignon) comes across as extremely acidic when paired with sweet foods.

Go in order from lightest to boldest. Another simple rule to follow is old before. Your taste buds will appreciate the bigger, bolder flavors.

Pair tannic wines with proteins. Steak, pork and strong cheeses go splendidly with Cabernet Sauvignon. Why? The tannins cut through the fat and make it more savory.

Pair rich foods with rich (or acidic) wines. A full-bodied wine can stand up to a rich meal, whereas lighter wines go limp. Alternatively, acidic wines can cut through the richness and add a nice contrast of flavors.

Try both extremes. Match food and wine that share similar traits. For example, tart Sauvignon Blancs pair nicely with tart citrus desserts. Or go the opposite route and pair contrasting flavors (e.g. spicy Syrahs with rich, sweet desserts) to highlight both flavors.

If you’re still unsure, and want to experience a curated session of wine, food & fun… #EscapetoMalaka on 25th February to Wine a little & Laugh a lot!

After successful completion of 8 editions of Wine Fest in Pune, we are launching the first edition – The 1st Annual Malaka Fratelli Wine Fest at Malaka Spice, Hyderabad! There will be lots of fun wine games, music, free-flowing Fratelli Wine and delicious Malaka Spice food! The package which is at Rs. 799 (AI) also includes a 20% discount on A-La-Carte Malaka Spice food!

The exclusive deal awaits you here: https://goo.gl/zKz6TJ

For any query, reach out to – 7660005931/7660005932

Glimpses from the first edition of Wine Fest in Hyderabad

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