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Bangamela 2017

Festival of Culture. Celebriting diversity in Aparna. #LifeatAparna

Diwali Mela 2017

Get prepared for the Festival of Lights & spread diversity in Hill Ridge Springs. Experience the #LifeatHIllRidge

Welcome 2018 – Hill Ridge

Hill Ridge is back again to welcome the New Year with celebrations. Fun, Shopping & Food fiesta to kick start 2018.

Pratham Partha by Buddhadeb Basu

Pratham Partha, brings to us the story of how Karna defied the sharp, yet cunning Krishna’s persuasions, Kunti’s pleas, and Draupadi’s advances in the battle of Kurukshetra, unwilling to betray his friendship with the Kauravas.

1st Annual Malaka Fratelli Wine Fest

After successful completion of 8 editions of Wine Fest in Pune, we are launching the first edition – The 1st Annual Malaka Fratelli Wine Fest at Malaka Spice, Hyderabad! There will be lots of fun wine games, music, free-flowing Fratelli Wine and delicious Malaka Spice food!

Hyderabad’s Bangla Ranna Expert

First ever cooking competition for bengali food in Hyderabad. Chefs showcasing their talents of a bengali kitchen making live authentic bengali dishes

Spring Resonance 2018

An evening of joy, happiness & appreciation to the efforts put in by the Maruthi Orphanage NGO is supporting the underprivileged & the needy. Please participate & make this event with difference.