Wonder Women | Kolkata | Season 2 | Episode 3

When She means Business….

“”In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” ―  Sheryl Sandberg

Thanks to First Idea PR, my visit to Kolkata this time got interesting by meeting some of women who are making difference in the food business.

Shrabani and Priti assured me that Kolkata women are making the strides in food entrepreneurship and a positive change to the industry. So when First Idea PR offered me to meet the proprietor of yet another tea room, I was totally brewed! These women entrepreneurs have been running their business with a professional camaraderie & sheer integrity. One thing common among them is their passion to stand out. So here is presenting a new season with new stories which are bound to inspire all of us.

My conversation today is with Bonisha Sharma Sarda… Let’s find out from her, the story of The Whistling Kettle in our brief conversation.


1. Tell a little about yourself

I am born & brought up in Darjeeling. My family is 7 (seven) generations inhabitant of Darjeeling. I did my schooling from Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling & completed my Graduation from St. Joseph College. I was associated with Jet Airways for approx 8 years and also worked as a consultant in a restaurant of Gurgaon for 2 years before I got married to Sailesh Sarda, the 4th generation owner of Nathmull Tea.

2. What made you start The Whistling Kettle?

Being associated with the Nathmulls Lounge, Darjeeling since 4 long years, I felt I Should initiate my start up in F & B Industry hence started the journey with The Whistling Kettle along with our partner Debashis. I had a vision of creating a place for tea lovers since there had been paucity of proper tea rooms in Kolkata. The utmost acceptance of Darjeeling tea in Kolkata motivated me to start this venture in the centre of the city of joy along with a retail room & the café. The Whistling Kettle is actually an alluring combination of two brands from Darjeeling i.e. Nathmulls, very well known for its tea collection and Keventers except which the itinerary of Darjeeling lovers remain incomplete.

3. What were you doing before The Whistling Kettle?

I was looking after the Sunset Lounge of Nathmulls in Darjeeling.

4. As a woman, what challenges did you face while setting it up? How did you overcome?

Finding the right people to work. Sometimes it happened the labourers & suppliers took me for granted being of a lady.

With my patience, leading abilities & man management capacity.

5. How was The Whistling Kettle accepted by Kolkata?

Kolkata has greeted us with a warm welcome! We have received immense love & overwhelming support from this city. We are going to complete one year in coming month & we want to stay in the heart of every foodie of Kolkata like always.

 6. What is the USP of The Whistling Kettle?

It’s a mini Darjeeling! Located within the hustle bustle of the city Whistling kettle offers you a feel & serenity of Darjeeling where you can enjoy the tranquility while grabbing your favourite food, inspired by Keventers & many more with authentic Darjeeling Tea.

7. How do you motivate your workforce?

The Whistling kettle is like my first baby. Everything related to this makes me motivated & passionate.

8. What plan do you have for The Whistling Kettle in the next 5 years?

We have a plan to launch our next stores in Sector 5 area followed by Park Street someday.
Around 2022 we have a plan to launch at least 15 stores across all over India in the student dominated areas

9. Do you encourage other women entrepreneurs make similar ventures? What tips do you have for them?

Yes Of course I will motivate other women to become self sufficient & self dependent.
I would like to pass only one tip: Listen to your gut feeling, have confidence & go ahead. If you have quality gender does not matter!!!

The Whistling Kettle is currently located in Golpark and you can find them on Zomato, SwiggyFacebook.

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