Kitchen of Homemade bengali food

“খাই খাই কর কেন এস বস আহারে,
খাওয়াব আজব খাওয়া ভোজ কয় যাহারে।


Ambiance – 3/5 | Food – 4.5/5 | Service – 4/5

Since I am planning to take some break from the food journey, I was very eager to do my last meal outside something homemade. After my tryst with Bijoli Grill, I was missing my Maa ka haath ka Khana (food cooked by mom). I went on scouting the Hyderabad Foodies Club facebook group and after multiple recommendations, finally visited Sarkar’S Kitchen. I have been following them for quite sometime since they started in July 2016 and was waiting to give it a try.

Sarkar's Kitchen | | Bengali Food in Hyderabad

Located small lane in Madhapur, it is a 20 seater place serving home made bengali recipes. It might be difficult to locate at times, you can use the map I have shared in the bottom of this article. The business owner, Sarita Sarkar, was quick to welcome us and get us seated. She offered her recommendation to help us order. As I skimmed through the menu, I realised the pricing on the menu was definitely on the higher side compared to the ambiance and the setup.

We settled for a Luchi-Kosha Mangsho combo, A Macher Jhol combo with Aloo Posto & Aloo Potol Dalna on the sides. While we waited, I opted to have a quick chat with Sarita with a glass of Fresh Lime Water. It was fascinating to know about her experience and passion for food. Her journey as a hotelier to restaurant owner was quite a Cinderella story.

The Kosha Mangsho combo comes with 8 Luchis served hot & fluffy with a bowl of gravy with 3 large pieces of mutton. The gravy was indeed very much homely and the meat was tender even though the size was quite bigger. The mutton was indeed cooked in low flame for a longer period which gave time for the spices to mix well. Priced at ₹300.

On your Fish Combo (Home Style) we got a bowl of Daal (lentils), a bowl of rice along with a bowl of Jhol (Pulusu or Gravy) with 2 pieces of Rohu fish. The dal did not appear too appealing but light on the palate. I would have prefered the lentils to be more boiled since they appeared little undone. The punch to the fish gravy was the Panch Phoron (mix of 5 spices) which definitely enhanced it’s taste and flavours. I missed a bhaja (fry) on this combo which would have made it complete. At ₹200 it was a little more wanting but in taste & quantity there was no compromise.

We ordered the Aloo Potol Dalna (Potato & Pointed Gourd Curry) & Aloo Posto (Diced Potato cooked with Poppy Seed) on the sides to make it more complete. This is by far the best Aloo Posto I have had in Hyderabad. Made in mustard oil, you can feel the pungency and the Kancha Lonka (green chilli) just adds to the awesomeness. The Aloo Potol was also freshly made for us. The green color potol (pointed gourd) was something which attracted me more, unlike the overcooked or raw parwals which are used in many places. Priced at ₹110 each dish, the portion were more than enough for 2 heads.

They only had payesh for dessert and that too ran out before we dined. I think some Bengali Chutney will be a great addition to the menu on regular basis.

Overall I did like the food simply because it was not rich and after eating I did not feel any uncomfortable. However, considering the price point, it would be not worth for me to visit alone (as much of the food would get wasted). Total bill came roughly to ₹700 ++ taxes (after a 15% discount).

If you are really missing your home made bengali food, this place is a must visit. I would strongly recommend that you tag along a few of your near and dear ones.

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5 thoughts on “Kitchen of Homemade bengali food

  1. Shamik says:

    Nice and informative post Rahul. The post came in at a right time for me as I’m visiting Hyderabad on 16th n 17th of this month. I’ll keep this restaurant in my mind for one of my meals of the day. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Priyanka B says:

    Are they served proper Kolkatar biriyani…i assume which has been the most missed platter being kolkatian.othwrwise daily food we can manage to serve in husband’s plate..


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