Hyderabad gets a new bengali taste


‘Eyes are the mirrors of the soul”

Ambiance – 3.5/5 | Food – 3.5/5 | Service – 3.5/5

Hyderabad has been a home for more than 8 lac bengali people (and growing everyday) who are constantly looking to keep connected to the palate of their hometown. Though there are Oh! Calcutta, Nabanno, Call of Bengal, Kolkata House, Kolkata Food Plaza, Amantran, etc, the growing bengali population always demands more.

A month ago the much famed, Bijoli Grill, set up their maiden store in Hyderabad. It has been an integral part of Calcutta history since more than 50 years. Bijoli Grill as a brand came into existence from 1947 after renaming the small eatery, ‘Dipti Cabin‘ behind Bijoli Cinema. Read the history of Bijoli Grill.

Most of my childhood I have seen food coming from Bijoli Grill during in house functions. We have had a bitter-sweet experience. However, their catering had been the best during those days in marriages and events. I could hardly imagine any other brand making a mark in that circuit.

The formal announcement of their arrival in the City of Nizams, created quite a buzz among the bengali food aficionados. Their snack items are much desired and I still doubt if anyone makes better Fish Fry than them. After waiting for more than a month after they opened up, finally decided to give them a try.

It is located in a very convenient location and wasn’t difficult to identify even at night. The board of Bijoli Grill glows bright to welcome you. The stairs which take you to the restaurant in the first floor have been decorated with murals.

The place is huge with lot of options for dining in groups. Very minimalistic and well spread out seatings. However, the welcome board took me back a few steps as it says that the restaurant is still going through soft launch (which is surprising even after opening for more than a month). They assured that everything would be available still.

We seated ourselves in a corner table since we had a little kid with us who prefers to run around. They don’t have a menu ready yet so offered the temporary ones. Sniffled through we landed on Mochar Chop to our disappointment as it was not available. Actually after trying out luck with few more items we settled for Fish Orly and Dim Devil for starters along with Aam Pora shorbot.

Fish Orly (or Fish Batter Fry) was/is a regular feature in Bengali marriages and luckily they maintained the same flavours here too. The Deviled Eggs too were just perfect with the fine line of coating (instead of the thick layers otherwise available), crispy & crunchy. The only dampener was the Aam Pora Shorbot which was neither cold and use of artificial syrup just did not go well.

Time for some main course, so we ordered the Kolkata Biryani, Kaakra Jhaal & Daab Chingri. I agree these might be an odd combo but everyone had their individual choice. Again we had some lack of Here I want to point out that there a quite of bit of confusion between the Kitchen & the staff. We were again facing lack of choice while choosing our main course. The waitstaff informed that there is no Daab Chingri, to which we got a little conked off since most of the Signature dishes were not available. However, someone from the management team suddenly appeared and informed that it will be available. Little surprising for me, but we let go and wait.

After some decent wait of 20 – 25 mins, we could see the food coming to our table. We were quite impatient by that time and hungry too. They got everything at once and they appeared hot too. The portion for Kolkata Mutton Biryani was admiring with the fried egg on the top. The rice was quite spicy but the mutton pieces were juicy. Not the ideal Kolkata style but the aloo (big piece of potato) made up. The Kaakra Jhaal was something we were looking forward to but I felt the whole crabs would have made justice to the dish. The crabs were broken down and weren’t having enough meat. Only saving grace was they served red crabs and the gravy was spicy and best eaten with steamed rice. When they served the Daab Chingri (Prawns cooked inside a Coconut), I could immediately realise that they have just cooked the prawns separately and put them inside the emptied coconut to serve us. They agreed that they did not have coconut and when we placed the order they procured it to make up the dish. It made me thoroughly disappointed, an ill-prepared dish is a strict no-no.

We thought to cool ourselves down with a dash of dessert (which most of them they procure from a third party vendor) and settled with Rosogollar Payesh (mini rasgulla served in thickened milk with saffron).


The total bill for 4 came to ₹3900, which was quite decent considering we were full. Though the overall experience kept me wanting for more. I will definitely go again, maybe after a hiatus to ensure that are ready with everything.

They are also serving lunch buffet at ₹649++ on weekends and shortly they are going to start weekday corporate lunch buffets at ₹349++

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6 thoughts on “Hyderabad gets a new bengali taste

  1. phoren says:

    Wow – thank you for sharing. While I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to go here, its interesting to learn about all the various dishes. This is the type of place where its beneficial to go with a big group so you can try a number of various dishes.

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