Kobe – Ready to Sizzle Hyderabad!

Ambiance – 4/5 | Food – 3.5/5 | Service – 4/5

When my friend Sankalp Vishnu (aka Sankalp Thee Foodie) invited me to join him & other foodies for a dinner at Kobe Sizzler, I was super excited.

The origin of the sizzler probably goes back the teppanyaki-sizzled dishes of Japan. From there it moved to the US after World War II, and became popular in the 1950s. The sizzler’s Indian history, however, began in Bombay in 1963, when Firoz Erani started a restaurant named ‘The Sizzler’ near Excelsior Cinema, to showcase this novelty.

The legacy of Kobe sizzlers comes a long way from 1970’s when the very first restaurant; the only one of its kind, was inaugurated at Opera House in Mumbai. Since then, it had expanded across 8 countries and also the largest independent sizzler joint in the world.

When we reached around 8pm, the place was moderately filled up. We waited for the other foodies to join us. In the meantime, Suhail & Rachana welcomed us and made us comfortable in a cozy corner. As you walk down the place, it has lot of elements which attract your eyes and the walls are beautifully textured on the sides to give a rustic look. The lighting is appropriate done each of the tables (You can be sure to see what you eat). Interesting to note, since Kobe runs on a franchise model, they franchise owners have the freedom to make changes to the look & feel of the outlet.

After some impatient wait, all of us were on the table and we flicked through the menu to kickstart the campaign. Apart from the traditional Kobe sizzlers, Suhail & Rachana have also kept a section with Chinese menu (as they own Shanghai Chef 2 too). We glanced through the starters section and placed order for a portion of French Onion Soup along with Grilled Chicken, Butter Garlic Prawns, Fish N Chips & couple of veg starters.

The service is pretty fast as the soups were served, the starters followed up. Though the soup could have been of thicker consistency, the grilled chicken was soft & succulent. The prawns were crunchy (deep fried with a batter coating) but the extra salt hampered the flavours of garlic. Without much delay, we quickly placed our order for sizzlers.

Sizzling Chicken | Mixed Grill | Exotic Veg | Veg Satellite | Lamb Chop | Hokkaido Chicken

Surprisingly the veg sizzlers were more delectable than the non-veg ones. The veg satellite with the cream and melting cheese from the top just droolworthy. Though, I had a tough time chewing on the chunks of lamb on my sizzler and had to forgo it and get it replaced with chicken skewers. The chicken sizzlers did do justice however the extra spiciness of the pepper sauce marred the flavours. The sizzlers topped with garlic & mushroom sauce were milder and right for the palate.

However, as my friend from Somewhere in Space (fondly known as Vijay da) rightly mentioned in his Facebook post, we definitely were missing the bibs & the steak knife. In fact, we had a mis-fork and a flying chunk of chicken was almost hitting my friend on the other side of the table. Luckily he managed to have a great escape as it landed on the floor. Their lack of signature Kobe sizzlers can also hold them back on the competition. It will be commendable if they don’t fall out of authenticity and get termed as “run-of-the-mill”

Kobe Sizzlers, being a famous chain, the food lovers would be looking forward to how their Hyderabad franchise cope up with these issues. I will wait for few weeks before I head back for a more cherished experience.

Point to be noted, the franchise is also owned by a city based foodie, Ajay Maniar.

Disclaimer – The review is based on a session arranged by the establishment and was on the house. However, the views are completely unbiased and based on actual experience.

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