Bong Fe(a)st returns to Siesta

A month ago, when Ashok expressed his willingness to host the festival for the 4th, I couldn’t have been more excited and have been counting days since then. I am sure the feeling was same for all other Bengalis in Hyderabad.

Finally the festival launched on 8th September, 2017 and I was invited to try out their opening day menu. Point to be noted that the festival menu is available only during dinner time and for the first time it will also be available for lunch on the last weekend (16th & 17th September, 2017).

We arrived a little late around 8:30 pm and the space was moderately empty. Qube Cafe (restaurant of Siesta Hitech – my review), where the festival is conducted is a 50 seater with comfortable seating. We were welcomed with smiling faces by the team who were all decked up for the festival. The festive spirit was quite evident in the decorations and the music which was playing in the background.

As we sipped on our mocktails, the chef briefed us about the menu of the day. The USP of the festival is the sheer variety of options they offer for everyone to tryout. A one stop destination to try out everything a bengali kitchen can offer in the span of the 10 day festival. We were served the Piyazi, Dimer Devil & Murgir Fry for the starters & chicken/veg kathi rolls from the Live Counter. Apart from the extra hint of salt in the piyazi rest everything was matching my expectations.

In the main course they offered, Kochi Pathar Jhol, Doi Murgi, Chingri Malai Curry, Tangra Charchari, Kolkata Chicken Biryani and the most awaited Sorse Bata Ilish. My heart instead headed to the buffet counter to try out their veg options which I usually miss away from home. They offered Shukto, Cholar Dal, Alu Potol Posto, Fulkopi Kosha. Hinger Luchi, Radha Ballabi & Basanti Pulao was there on the menu too. Shukto turned out to be star of the day for me with the right amount of bitterness to clean my palate. I was already full but I made sure I try out everything. Though the chingri could not match my expectations, the biryani combined with kochi pathar jhol could fill up the missing gaps. The Ilish needs more care to fulfill the eternal bengalis desire. Considering it as Day 1, the place got filled up quite quickly. The dessert section by far in the best in the last 4 years. What else can make a bengali happy if not a hearty bowl of Mishti Doi & Crispy Malpua.

The best part of the festival is they have a rotating set of menu on all the days, so you would probably want to try it our everyday.just to not miss out.

Priced at Rs. 1299 AI, you can grab a good deal, if you book from Events Now or Mera Events. Book your seats in advance. For reservations, call 8978666224.

You can keep getting regular updates on the menu on this event page:

Do share about your experience in the comments section below.

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